India can become an Innovation Hub for Software for Small Business Owners

1:51 AM Suvir Sujan 1 Comments

Look around you in any city in India and you will see a small business owner.  High chances that someone in your family is a small business owner. All of these small businesses are resource constrained and are looking for on demand technology solutions across the value chain from more efficient marketing to easier data management to better book-keeping  to cost effective communication. Unlikely any of these small businesses have an IT team and are looking for "zero touch" solutions that can be deployed and managed with ease and low cost.

The advent of cloud has really helped in innovation for the small business across segments.  India can be a great test bed for such technologies that could then also be deployed globally. 

India is beginning to see active entrepreneurship in this arena. Some of the early examples in the Nexus portfolio are DimDim (Web Collaboration) , Helpshift (Mobile CRM),  Unicommerce (Supply Chain), Druva (Data  Backup), GenWi (Mobile Publishing), etc.   Some of the other notable companies are Tally (Accounting) and FreshDesk (CRM), Practo (Healthcare),  Knowlarity (Communication), Capillary (Retail Loyalty), etc.  There are hundreds of startups that are emerging and will emerge in the next few years. This next decade will witness the emergence of the Indian Software for Small Business.



Sandesh said...

Suvir, just an observation. Some segments of business owners are still vary of technology and rather keep paper bills to evade taxation and exact income records. But also seeing a gradual change..medical owners who first used to write things on register are starting to keep a pc in their shop & use products like MediPlus etc(I reckon the painpoint for them is inventory search.

Your insights are right some sectors will evolve to use such products and web cloud enabled products will replace software 'CD's and hardware will become smaller as well.